Royal Collegiate
of St Isidoro

The story of the Collegiate of ST Isidoro de León

Fachada San Isidoro de León

Un referente turístico y cultural

The Collegiate of St Isidoro is one of the most important Historical Site in Europe. It has more than a thousand years of story. It was borned in the 10th Century as a female monastry. It hosted women from the Royal family. Nowadays it is a tourist and culture privileged enclave fornthe city of León.

Fachada San Isidoro de León

La época de mayor esplendor

During its longlife, the Collegiate have had explendor moments, we wolud like to underlight the translation of St Isidoro´s remains from Seville to león in 1063. The building of the Royal Panteon was comisioned by the King Fernando the 1st and the Queen Sancha in the middle of the 11th Century. The frescoes ordered by their daughter Urraca, yaks to them it is wellknown as the Sixtine Chappel of the Romanesque Arte. In the Middle Age the monastry had an important scriptorium in wich were copied the códices we preserve. Between the 15th Century and the 18 th Century the monks alarged the cloister and enriched the monastry, building and important Library.

Royal Panteon

Un cuartel para napoleón

However, it is unavoidable. It has suffered larged misfortunes through the history. Such us, the invasion of the troops of Napoleon between 1808 and 1812 and its terrible consequences for the monastry: The monastry was sacked and left in ruins. They use the Panteon and some of the chapels as a estable for their horses.


Un importante legado

Despite all this things, thanks to the canons, the Collegiate preserved till our days an important historical and artistical heritage that can be enjoyed by our visitors.

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