Royal Colegiate
of Saint Isidoro Hotel

Un hotel en el
corazón del románico

Royal Colegiate of Saint Isidoro Hotel

A stop on the road

Located in the historic city center in Leon, in the heart of one of the most outstanding Romanesque complexes in the Iberian Peninsula, you will find the Royal Collegiate of Saint Isidoro Hotel. It is a stop on the Jacobean road, offering its customers an unforgettable experience.

Royal Colegiate of Saint Isidoro Hotel

Una joya arquitectónica

Open to the public in 2005, it integrates original architectural elements with modern materials and artistic forms, resulting in a unique hotel in the middle of the city, perfectly combining both functionality and history.

Royal Colegiate of Saint Isidoro Hotel

A building and several uses

In the cradle of the Kingdom of Leon and unique in all of Spain, discover a singular architectural ensemble that is at the same time a temple, a pantheon of kings, a convent, a palace, a library and a museum.

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Visite la web del Hotel Real Colegiata y descubra todo lo que necesita saber para disfrutar de una estancia diferente. Descubra un edificio único en el mundo desde dentro y déjese atrapar por la magia de un espacio cargado de historia y cultura.

Royal Colegiate of Saint Isidoro Hotel

Por qué este hotel lleno de historia

We invite you to journey through time, to take a stroll through the history of Leon. From its Roman origins represented by the Legio VII’s walls, contemplate the Royal Pantheon’s paintings (the Sistine Chapel of the Romanesque era) or partake of an admiring view from the choir of the Basilica, its noble architectural simplicity the very representation of the Romanesque period, or while taking a stroll through the silent and imposing cloisters that invite to recollection. From this compendium of art and spirituality, the Royal Collegiate of Saint Isidoro Hotel offers its guests and visitors a unique stay.

Icono recorrido

Un recorrido por la historia de León

Icono sencillez

Disfruta de la sencillez románica

Icono campana

Arte y espiritualidad se unen

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