The Chapter of St Isidoro and its institutions

The Chapter of the Royal
Collegiate of St Isidoro

Sala Capitular

Nowadays Chapter of St Isidoro lives in this Collegiate and they continue the living of the monastry that remained here since the 11th Century.

In 1144 the Infant-Queen Sancha brought to this monastry the monks that were living in Carbajal de la Legua and under the abbot Pedro Arias the living of the Regular monks began. In the Collegiate of St Isidoro.

For more than nine centuries the Chapter managed to be alive among all the difficulties that they have to suffer, specially during the last centuries: military occupation, sack, the Mendizábal disentailment, expulsions, pillaging and devastation.

In 1956 the the canons of St. Augustine monks were only four ancient people. Because of that the bishop went to the Holy See and decided to transform the Chapter in a Secular Institute.

The Chapter of the Royal Collegiate of St Isidoro

They were starting a new stage of the Chapter that have developed a lot of activities inside and outside the Collegiate. It main purpose is


Course the worship of the Blessed Sacrament, exposed day and night in the church


Take care and devotion to the remains of St Isidoro.


Provide the liturgic needs and offer pastoral service


Increase the history, culture and art of the Collegiate and do what ever the bishop order.

Members of the Chapter

The members of the Chapter, following the rules are members of full rights of the Secular Institute of St Isidoro. These two things go together. The ancient cannons become emeritus.

Canons with all rights:

  • D. Francisco Rodríguez Llamazares (Abad)
  • D. Teodomiro Álvarez García
  • D. Manuel García González
  • D. Luis García Gutiérrez
  • D. Juan Jesús Fernández Corral
  • D. Ovidio Álvarez Suárez
  • D. Luis Rodríguez Pérez

Canons Emeritus:

  • D. José Luis Olivares Alonso
  • D. Constantino Robles García
  • D. Gonzalo Flórez García
  • D. Amado Urdiales García
  • D. Pascual Díez Escanciano

Isidorian Institutions


Isidorian Institute

The Isidorian Institute composed by all the canons and all priests that want to help in the purpose of the Institution, such us the worship of the Blessed Sacrament and the pastoral service.

Chorus of St Isidoro

The Chorus of St Isidoro was borned in 1962 by D. Felipe Magdaleno Bausela. Since 1983 is directed by D. Teodomiro Álvarez García.

It has a doublé purpouse, on the one hand the interpretation of sacred music in the Church and on the other hand to give concerts of non religious music.

The Chorus has offered a lot of concerts all over the country and has taken part in music festivals with a wide amount of records.

Nowadays have 45 members.

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